We are so excited to announce the next phase of our BACH Fitness regimen with a kick-off series: Let’s Get VIRTUAL! Here, you will have the feeling of our normal BACH classes, with a BACH leader instructing from the comfort of your own home or hotel gym. We want to become your support system that helps get you BACH into your fitness routine and feeling like your best self again!

About Our Virtual Platform

Where do we watch the LIVE sessions?

Our virtual platform takes place through ZOOM, an app that can be downloaded on tablets, phones, and computers. Here, you can either leave your camera on or off but it allows the instructor to both interact and instruct you with functional fitness and exercises, as well encourages that community aspect of a bunch of other awesome people who have a common goal in mind and encourage each other throughout the thirty to forty-five minute workout sessions. 

How do I sign up for classes?

To book your sessions, download the BACH Fitness app (available for IOS and Google Play). You must sign up at a minimum of thirty minutes before your session. BACH will send you an email with your session’s information, including a link, meeting ID, and password to your ZOOM session. They will also include a playlist URL that can be played while participating in the workouts on the same device you are listening to the instructor on. 

What if I can’t make the session?

After the class is over, we will send a link to the recording of the session if you would like to either save it to do later on or weren’t able to make it and would like to do it later in the day. Please be aware that all recordings’ URLs will expire after 24 hours, so it is important that if you would like to save the recording, that you automatically open the link and download it to your device so you are able to watch it later on!

 What equipment do I need for these workouts?

Each workout incorporates different equipment which can include:

  1.     Long Resistance Bands
  2.     Figure 8 Resistance Bands
  3.     Versa Loops
  4.     Dumbbells (can always use resistance band as an alternative)
  5.     Yoga Mat
 How much does this cost?

        Drop in Session = $10 per session

        Let’s Get Virtual Unlimited Membership = $99/Month

Click HERE to purchase your membership today!


We are so excited to get started on this next part of our journey with you and get BACH INTO THAT FITNESS ROUTINE!! See you soon!


BACH is different fro any gym I've ever visited not only is the workout amazing (both in person and virtually) but it is a place that feels like home. These people have truly become family and I can't imagine working out anywhere else. Trying something new is always intimidating, but trust me, once you start you'll never go anywhere else. LOVE THIS PLACE.

Caitlyn Coward

So grateful for Nathan and the entire BACH family! Thank you for continuing to bring us awesome workouts, even during this crazy time. Y'all are the best!!!

Allison Bittel

Virtual classes are the best!! Nathan keeps us focused and motivated like always!!

Lily Wendler

Nathan did it again with an amazing upper body virtual class! I love the modifications for a variety of equipment, restricted space. I love these virtual live classes and being able to receive corrections on my form and a few minutes of community during my day.

Emily Caudle

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